Welcome to Passara.

Tourism in Passara, is the one and only site dedicated to the hidden wonders of the Passara area. The places you would visit here are not listed in any websites or on any tourist magazines at all.

I request the travelers to enjoy the beauty of it and leave it as you found it. Encourage your friends to visit here, and I am willing to help with in my capacity.

This life is short and it’s the only one we have, where people mostly work, produce, consume, rest and repeat throughout life. This may appear strenuous, and you may feel that you need a break. It is then that you decide to travel. While traveling you must not repeat the same day to day activities you are used to. Enjoy travel and do not be destination oriented. Of course you must decide the destination, but on your way to destination there may be thousands of things that you can see. I recommend you to use a travel guide and read, short list things that you can do, and see on your way.

Of course, it’s up to you to find your own path. Travel is only one possibility that you can choose for relaxation. Just choose a path with meaning. It’s the process that matters, not the arrival, and the journey is in the meetings along the way.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


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